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  • Shure e2c - Quiet left earphone

    Had my shure e2c for a bit over a year and for the last few days the left earphone has been much quieter than the right. I know a failed left earphone is a common problem on these earphones but mines quiet, it hasn't just died.

    However, i do have a bit of a hearing problem at the moment (Everythings quieter in my right ear) so i'm not 100% sure if its me or the earphones.

    Note, i wear my earphones with the wire going down from my ear rather than up and over so my left is some peoples right.

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    sounds daft but you have checked them for wax?


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      Yep, tried them without the rubber bits and filters. Still the same. I'm 90% sure they're faulty, i emailed shure late friday night and still waiting for a responce. Think they're CS is meant to be excellent so i'm sure it'll be sorted


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        Put them in today and i had bugger all volume and even less bass.

        Had a responce to my first email telling me to get in contact with xxx so sent that email tonight.