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  • Mobile phone mast locations?

    Anyone know where I can find a LIST of mast locations along with the operator?

    I'm checking the coverage for several networks and find that the network coverage maps provided by the networks themselves are too large scale and inaccurate.

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    Originally posted by Marc
    I saw a website that shows mast locations (I was checking in and around Royal Docks at the time) - can't find the URL now though.

    Marc thanks for that.

    It's a good site and you can zoom in to the map to check the ownership of individual masts.

    I'd still like to track down a list of all the masts if I can find one!


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      There is no list - the data behind Sitefinder is owned by the networks.
      The blurb on the front page of the site explains why:

      "The data within Sitefinder is owned by the mobile network operators, who supply it on a voluntary basis. Ofcom has not, therefore, supplied the underlying dataset to any enquirers. Following a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and a decision by the Information Commissioner, upheld by the Information Tribunal, that Ofcom must disclose the nationwide information contained within Sitefinder to parties who request it, operators ceased to supply updates of their information for the site. Ofcom has decided to appeal that decision and subsequently, most operators (excluding T-Mobile) have agreed to resume voluntary updates. As a result, some information contained within Sitefinder is out of date."