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  • wap and internet APNs - the difference??

    What is the difference between connecting on these APNs now wap isn't free???

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    Hi Flagpole

    At one point the APNs determined how you were charged, now they are all charged the same.

    There are a couple of difference between them, like if you use the Internet APN, the chances are you will no longer to access Vodafone Live, however, the website will no longer be rendered (the rendering engine is only located on the WAP APN)

    I personally have the Internet APN set in my phone settings instead of the WAP APN. I can't access Live at all (SE P990i), however I have no rendering what so ever.


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      Would the APN affect my ability to pick up RSS feeds?.

      Voda tell me they know there's a problem that isn't going to be solved "this week", but surfing via my curent APN ( seems to mask RSS feeds.

      This means that the browser should detect a feed on a given page, and add it to the functions available from my right softkey "More" button (to add to the firmware "RSS Feeder"feeds on my SE K810i), but the option doesn't appear.

      In fact Voda seem to have customised my browser window, to allow RSS feeds to be added to some Voda homepage that I'm not interested in using, amongst other options (including splitting long pages in lots of small chunks?.

      Is this normal - or have I somehow chosen some walled garden type option that I should opt out of???


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        faza20 - you could set your homepage as say google mobile and use their rendering i guess.

        Interestingly, me like others with the browsing pack have found that they are still charging for internet apn data due to a glitch. i have 70 quid of unbilled items so far this month


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          Hi Flagpole

          By using the internet APN, you will have to specify a new homepage as you'll get an error message when your handset tries to access Live (well I do anyway). I simply set main to the BBC news website as that's the one of the sites I use the most.

          If your using the WAP APN, then any site you access will be rendered unless the owners of the site have got themselves added to the white list, as the rendering engine lies on the portal itself (I could be wrong on this, as I only tested it on a W900)

          There is an IT fault at the moment which is affecting the data billing for anyone with a Vodafone contract. There is a resolution in place though for all customers who have, and hopefully the data shouldn't be getting billed incorrectly for much longer


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            I asked the question about web charges with the web browsing pack,

            Provided you do not change the settings in your handset, you will not be charged for viewing external website's if you do not connect to Live first.

            The charges only occur if you connect using the Internet gateway, instead of the standard WAP gateway as this is hope the charges are allocated. Provided you use the WAP gateway all usage will come out of the bundle. By default your phones connection settings will be sat as a WAP connection

            does the wap connection still give high speed access or is the interent gateway faster, is the 'WAP gateway' different to what it used to be when it first came out?
            Are there restrictions on what sites you can access with the WAP compared to interent gateway?
            Is there a reason why i would want to use the internet gateway rather than the WAP one?

            Whats the difference between 3g, GPRS, WAP and whatever others there are !?!?! is the wap gateway 3g, gprs???

            Also, when using the N95 with AGPS would the data it uses for positioning be included in the web browsing pack?

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              The APNs vary from network to network. Some, like Orange, will allow Orange World access from either - but the WAP one will not compress images (thus wallpaper downloads won't be compressed, or ruined!). Internet will compress HTML files and .GIF and .JPGs to reduce file sizes (reduced cost) and speed up data transfer. Orange also has other APNs for VPN etc, plus some 'private' ones for corporates.

              T-Mobile compresses data too, but you can do a force refresh on a page and the second time you'll be sent the complete data.

              3G and GPRS are essentially the same; both are packet data. You might find some people talk about GPRS for 3G because it's the same settings you're entering (and so people will know them as GPRS settings). The same settings also apply for HSDPA, HSUPA etc.


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                So if i took out a vodafone contract with the web browsing pack, what would i loose out on staying on WAP Gateway, as it seems pointless to change the settings to Interent Gateway if it will all get charge for whether i have the browsing pack or not.

                Would the AGPS data use WAP gateway or interent?