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  • Giffgaff extends free data to end June

    giffgaff has just extended free internet to end June because O2 can't sort out the billing

  • #2
    When O2 launched GPRS they couldn't bill anyone - so they launched a range of GPRS data bundles, without (obviously) pointing out that anyone on the cheapest one could use as much data as they wanted!

    Anyone remember when BT Cellnet couldn't bill for prepay and put the billing control on the handset?


    • #3
      I know someone who had such a handset and made many many calls to who wants to be a millionaire for free! (he never got on the show tho)


      • #4
        I'd never heard of giffgaff until late last week - talk about best kept secret. Either that or my heads been in the sand until then.


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          I'm a giffgaff VIG - Very Important Gaffer - which means I get unlimited calls, texts and internet with the network. I have held this status since the network was launched. If anyone wants to know anything about the network, visit and the forum members there - including me - would be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.


          • #6
            ideal if you keep changing phones - check out the 10 "goodybag"


            • #7
              The 10 goodybag offers the best value for money in my opinion.


              • #8
                Free data has now been extended til the end of September


                Goodybags are also half price during July



                • #9
                  I am definitely gonna go on giffgaff when my voda contract comes to an end next year. Really wished I didn't rush into signing a 2 year contract with them as I would have saved a lot of money.

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                  • #10
                    What you need to consider though:
                    • No Tethering
                    • GG use O2 for 3G
                    • O2 are CRAP for 3G

                    Also not sure if in the T&C they allow streaming or not so you might end up with unlimited internet as long as internet is just websites and tweets, no videos, no streaming an no downloads.....

                    Considering all the restrictions and the network they use it should be called Unlimited WAP because its like being back in the old days


                    • #11
                      Videos, streaming & downloads are all ok. (I bet if you got a torrent client on your phone they'd not like you though)

                      ...and I shouldn't say this, but tethering works fine - just don't tell them you do it!