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  • O2 launch new tariff to compete with 3 and t-mobile

    O2 have launched a new tariff called on and on available from 36 for new customers and 26 for existing to compete with the one plan from 3 and the full monty from t-mobile

    Unlimited calls (unclear yet as to which definition of unlimited they are using)
    Unlimited texts
    1GB of data


  • #2

    Compared to what we were paying a few years ago this is a pretty good deal. Just wish it wasn't a 24 month contract!

    Wonder if there is any chance of a sim only 12 month version of this sort of tariff?



    • #3
      There already is, the 'On & On' tariff is available on Simplicity too. The top tariff here is 36 for unlimited calls and text with 2GB data


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        Sim only 12 month version is 26. You have to manually select 12 month contract and 1GB of data on the sim only section of O2's website for it to show up


        • #5
          There a bit sneaky!

          If you select 12 month only contract and medium data user.

          The 900 min option, with 500mb , unlimited text and 300 O2 to O2 mins cost 27 per month.

          For a pound less you get the On & On tariff with unlimited calls and 1GB of data.

          Whats even stranger is that under the medium data user pricing for sim only there is a tariff for 47 that gives you unlimited calls, text and 750mb of data.

          Maybe there are updating all these and will change during today.

          Last edited by camperdown9; 30th March 2012, 11:46.


          • #6
            Has anyone taken one of these contracts out yet?

            I'm thinking about going onto this, but not sure I want to be tied in for 12 months. (on a 30 day rolling at the moment)


            • #7
              Does anyone know O2's policy with regards to sim only customers on 12 month contracts wanting to upgrade?

              What I mean is if you are on a tariff that includes 300 min, unlimited text and 100mb of data and costs 13 per month. Can you upgrade to a more expensive tariff that includes more during the minimum commitment period?

              I would of said yes no worries, but O2 via twitter said no. I don't get this as they let you upgrade to a contract with a handset anytime during or after the min commitment period on a 12 month sim only deal.



              You can upgrade to a tariff thats higher than your current one. However the On & On tariff is only for new customers or customers out of their minimum contract term. So you can upgrade to a higher tariff anytime during the 12 months but just not to the On & On tariff!
              Last edited by camperdown9; 30th March 2012, 19:16.


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                anyone know what the fair use policy is set to for this tariff? i remember t-mobile doing a unlimited tariff a few years ago and Fair Use Policy was 1200 mins!